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NAS Names Ron Brownlow as Content Development Director of TomoNews

TAIPEI, TAIWAN (July 10, 2017) – Next Animation Studio (NAS) today announced the promotion of Ron Brownlow to the role of Content Development Director of TomoNews. Ron Brownlow succeeds Michael Logan, who established the unique editorial voice of a team of artists and writers that became known to the world as the “Taiwanese animators.”

Brownlow joined Next Animation Studio in 2010 as a staff writer and later worked as Managing News Editor, overseeing staff in Taipei, Los Angeles and New York. During this time, Brownlow helped launch TomoNews, a YouTube news network that covers the most talked-about stories on the internet. Brownlow was also instrumental to the launch of News Direct, a subscription-based service that delivers cutting-edge 3D animated news graphics to media outlets around the world in partnership with Reuters. Continue Reading

Next Animation Studio launches nxTOONS platform for kids

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, June 29, 2017 – Next Animation Studio (NAS) today announced the launch of nxTOONS, its new digital platform for original kids content and edutainment. As part of the launch, NAS debuted the new nxTOONS animated series Out of This Word, available exclusively on YouTube.

Max and Moon from the series Out of This Word

Out of this Word follows two adopted siblings, Max and Moon, as they explore and learn common English idioms such as “sleep tight” and “put a sock in it.” Max, a curious cat, often takes idioms literally. Moon, a smart and logical bunny, happily explains to Max the history behind these phrases. Continue Reading

NAS appoints Matthew Duntemann as Chief Creative Officer

TAIPEI, June 27, 2017 – Next Animation Studio (NAS) today announced that Matthew Duntemann has joined the company as Chief Creative Officer. Based at NAS headquarters in Taipei, Duntemann will report directly to Chief Executive Officer Indra Suharjono.

As Chief Creative Officer, Duntemann will direct and develop the nxTOONS platform, as well as oversee the development of TomoNews creative and all other creative projects for the studio. His appointment leads NAS into its next chapter of creating original animation properties, especially children’s animation.

“Matthew brings his unique creative talent and an infectious amount of energy and momentum to the company,” Suharjono said. “With his success of developing the creative brands for Nickelodeon, we are in a stronger position to build and expand on our nxTOONS platform. He is a world-class talent and produces amazing work that entertains and inspires. I am thrilled to see him take this role and really grow the creative vision of NAS.” Continue Reading

‘Double Hard,’ ‘Kurokan,’ and ‘Horror News’ now available on YouTube

Next Animation Studio’s CG-animated adaptations of Japanese manga titles Double Hard, Kurokan, and Horror News are now available on YouTube. New episodes will be available Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week.

The CG-animated adaptations preserves the manga’s original artwork, frames, compositions, and dialogue bubbles. The manga pages come to life through this unique visual format, allowing viewers to engage with the manga series in a new way.

Double Hard is a manga series created by Konno Naoki. The story follows underground fighter Hayami Daiki. Hayami, known as the “Invincible Boxer” is half of the legendary tag-team “Two Man Army”. His partner, Takayama Jin, is a pro fighter who always comes out on top, even when his opponents bend the rules. Any thug who crosses them will get a fast and violent lesson in the art of fighting! Continue Reading

‘Biohazard: Vendetta’ to premiere June 2 in Taiwan

Biohazard: Vendetta will debut in select theaters in Taiwan on June 2, 2017, following its May 27 premiere in Japan. Biohazard: Vendetta is produced by Marza Animation Planet (a CG animation studio owned by SEGA SAMMY GROUP), and will feature animation and lighting production by Taiwan-based Next Animation Studio.

Also known as Resident Evil: Vendetta in the United States, where it will debut on June 19, the highly anticipated CGI film follows franchise heroes Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, and Rebecca Chambers, and their quest to stop Glenn Arias, a death merchant, from spreading a deadly virus in New York. Continue Reading

Next Animation Studio delivers 3D news animations to Reuters Connect

Reuters, the world’s largest international multimedia news provider, launches Reuters Connect! Reuters Connect makes it easier to access a marketplace of multimedia content from leading media partners via a single destination. Through Reuters Connect, the content discovery process is streamlined, allowing clients to deliver stories to their audience faster than before.

As a partner, Next Animation Studio (NAS) is proud to provide 3D news animations to Reuters customers from around the world. NAS produces high-quality animations daily that can visually enhance news reports by adding a new dimension to help viewers understand breaking news stories and in-depth features. Continue Reading

Next Animation Studio to attend Future Commerce

Come see us at the 2017 Future Commerce Exhibition, booth D1-0304! Immerse yourself in our exciting new Karen Senki VR experience, where players can fight evil drones alongside Karen. The popular VR module from Jimmy Liao’s latest picture book, All of My World Is You, will also be available.

TomoLive will be on display, so stop by to interact with our 3D characters and see how TomoLive works!

The 2017 Future Commerce Exhibition will be held on April 27-29 at Taipei Expo Park in Yuanshan. Register now for a free entrance!

Take a look at the latest @Business Next article featuring our NextLab team! Read about NextLab’s operations and how they keep NAS at the forefront of animation technology.

NAS brings original animation series Spy Penguin to global audience

Spy Penguin follows the adventures of a covert team of three penguins – Rooky, Texture and Roborobo, and their quest to protect the city they love – Paris. A wave of darkness looms over, as a gang of evildoers attempt to destroy the city with every opportunity they have. Luckily for Parisians, the Spy Penguins are agents of the secret organization P.E.A.C.E. and armed with an amazing array of high tech weapons, they will stop at nothing to save the city each and every day!

Continue Reading

Mad Box Zombies is now available on YouTube!

Next Animation Studio’s original animation series Mad Box Zombies tells the story of 10 mischievous, miniature animal zombies whose daily antics always end up with somebody getting killed. For a Mad Box Zombie, the best way to die is to die laughing.
Mad Box Zombies is currently available on YouTube in 8 different languages: English, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Bahasa, Spanish, Thai and Portuguese. New episodes are available every day, so subscribe now for your daily dose of bloody zombie adventures! Continue Reading

NAS partners with National Museum of Prehistory, recreates settlement using AR

Crescent Slate Pillar – Slate pillars are one of the defining characteristics of Peinan Culture. This crescent slate pillar is a permanent landmark at the Beinan Site Park.

Taipei, Taiwan (March 6,2017) – Next Animation Studio (NAS) today announced a new partnership with the National Museum of Prehistory to reconstruct the prehistoric settlement of Peinan Culture using the studio’s Augmented Reality (AR) technology and 3D animation. Visitors will be able to experience how people of the Peinan Culture built their dwelling structures on the original sites.

In order to create a unique and engaging AR experience, NAS is working closely with archaeologists and other specialists to design an interactive game that will allow visitors to take part in the excavation process, uncover artifacts, and learn about the Peinan Culture from 3,000 years ago. Visitors will also get a chance to win a prize for completing the game.

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