How Old Is Moana in the Movie?

‘Time waits for no one.’ This proverb is certainly true when discussing the age of the titular character from the 2016 Disney movie Moana.

With a movie timeline, character development, historical context, and cultural significance, it’s important to understand how old Moana is in the movie.

Take a closer look at these factors to gain a better understanding of Moana’s age in the movie.

Moana’s Age In Movie:

Moana Young age

In Disney’s movie Moana, you’ll quickly learn that the titular character is 16 years old. She’s the daughter of the chief of a Polynesian tribe, and her natural curiosity and adventurous spirit lead her to explore the unknown.

Moana’s journey takes her away from her island home and onto a voyage of self-discovery. Throughout the movie, we watch Moana grow and develop, ultimately learning the importance of taking ownership of her own destiny.

As a 16-year-old, Moana has already lived a rich life of island life filled with adventure, discovery, and family. Her age is a reminder to us all that it’s never too early to start exploring the world and making our own destiny.

Movie Timeline:

Stepping through the movie, you can watch Moana’s journey unfold as she grows from a young girl of 16 into a strong and independent woman. Exploring family and examining society, she faces many challenges and learns valuable lessons along the way.

Starts Journey16
Makes It to Te Fiti17
Battles Te Ka18
Returns Home18
Becomes Chief of Motonui18

Moana’s coming-of-age story is sprinkled with moments of triumph and some of adversity. Her arc is one of growth and resilience, and she is ultimately rewarded with a newfound sense of self.

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Character Development:

Having watched Moana’s journey throughout the movie, it’s clear that her character undergoes significant development.

As a young girl, Moana is brave and determined, but she lacks the confidence to take the steps necessary to fulfill her destiny.

Throughout her developmental journey, Moana learns to face her fears and embrace her true potential. She discovers the power of her cultural heritage and grows into an inspiring leader.

Moana’s transformation is a testament to her courage and resilience and a reminder of the cultural impact of her journey.

Her story serves as a powerful example of character development and a reminder of the importance of embracing our strengths.

Historical Context:

moana movie

Exploring the historical context of Moana’s story helps to better understand the culture and values of the Polynesian people she represents. By examining the time period in which this movie is set, we can gain insight into the themes of gender, colonization, and identity.

The movie is set in ancient Oceania, which is a region in the Pacific Ocean. It’s a time of exploration and discovery, where voyagers use navigation and voyaging to travel through the region. This period also saw the rising influence of colonization and the spread of Christianity.

Gender plays a significant role in the movie, as Moana’s journey is an example of the bravery and strength of female characters. In addition, colonization and the spread of Christianity are integral to the story as they shape the cultural landscape of the Polynesian people.

Cultural Significance:

By examining the cultural significance of Moana’s story, we can gain a deeper understanding of the values and traditions of the Polynesian people she represents.

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The movie explores the power of passing down traditions from one generation to the next and the importance of preserving culture.

It also highlights the value of cultural exchange, showing us how different cultures can learn from each other.

Moana’s journey of self-discovery encourages us to explore our own identity and be proud of our heritage.

The use of music and dance in the movie also speaks to how the Polynesian culture uses art to express and celebrate their traditions.

Moana’s struggles and triumphs remind us to value our own cultural identity and pass it on to future generations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Moana Have Any Siblings?

In the movie Moana, exploring her family and discovering her identity are major parts of her journey. She does not have any siblings and is instead accompanied only by her animal friends and family members on her journey.

What Is the Voice Actor of Moana?

Auli’i Cravalho is Moana’s voice actor, representing diversity and cultural identity in the movie. She is only 16 years old, making her a perfect example of youth representation. Auli’i has been praised for her performance and the energy she brings to the role.

How Has Moana’s Character Been Received by Audiences?

Moana’s character has been widely praised by audiences for her positive portrayal of ageism and cultural identity. She is seen as a strong, independent, and inspiring role model for viewers of all ages. Her story has resonated with people around the world.

What Are the Main Themes of the Movie?

The main themes of the movie “Moana” are exploring culture and respecting nature. It showcases a young girl’s journey of self-discovery, where she learns to appreciate the importance of her own culture and to balance her relationship with nature. The movie emphasizes the value of learning from one’s past and the power of connecting with the natural world.


It’s clear that Moana’s age in the movie is important to consider for many reasons. Her growth as a character and her understanding of her culture and place in it are an integral part of the story.

While her exact age isn’t known, the movie’s timeline and historical context provide a compelling argument that she’s 16 years old.

Ultimately, Moana’s age matters not only to the story but also to the larger cultural significance that the movie carries.

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