Where to Stream SpongeBob- Streaming Guide

Are you ready to get your Spongebob fix? Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the show, there are plenty of ways to keep up with the adventures of Spongebob SquarePants.

“The best things in life are free,” so let’s look at the various streaming services where you can catch up with Spongebob. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, CBS All-Access, and YouTube TV are all great options!

Where to Stream Spongebob?

Stream Spongebob online


You can stream Spongebob on Netflix! The streaming giant offers a great selection of episodes from the beloved cartoon, making it easy for you to enjoy the adventures of this lovable sea sponge.

With Netflix, you can surely have a great streaming experience – no matter your device. The episodes are of high quality, making for an enjoyable experience.

Whether you’re looking to have a fun family movie night or to watch a few episodes of Spongebob, Netflix is the perfect choice. With its selection of episodes, it’s easy to find the one you want to watch.


In addition to Netflix, you can also stream Spongebob on Hulu, with over a hundred episodes available to enjoy.

Whether you’re revisiting your favorite episodes or catching up on the show’s memorable moments, Hulu has many talking points to explore. From Squidward’s hilarious antics to Mr. Krabs’ penny-pinching ways, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

You can relive the show’s most iconic episodes, like ‘Band Geeks’ and ‘Krusty Krab Pizza,’ and watch memorable characters like Plankton, Gary, and Sandy Cheeks come to life.

With so much content, you’ll never run out of things to watch on Hulu.

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Amazon Prime:

Along with Hulu, viewers can also access over 70 episodes of Spongebob on Amazon Prime. Prime members can watch the classic shows anytime, taking advantage of the streaming benefits the subscription provides.

Plus, Prime members can also purchase single episodes or the entire season of Spongebob, giving them access to the show forever. The cost of Amazon Prime is $119 per year, which includes access to Prime Video, free two-day shipping, and additional exclusive benefits. There are also monthly subscription plans that offer the same benefits for a lower cost.

With Amazon Prime, Spongebob fans are sure to have plenty of entertainment.

CBS All-Access:

We can also stream Spongebob on CBS All-Access, an online streaming service that allows subscribers to watch thousands of TV shows and movies. It offers a wide variety of content, including:

  • Movies & TV Shows: Catch fan favorites like Spongebob and the latest blockbuster releases.
  • Viewing Options: Stream on your phone, computer, or TV.
  • CBS Accessibility: With a subscription, you can watch live and on-demand programming.

The subscription fees for CBS All-Access are quite affordable. Plus, if you’re a CBS All-Access subscriber, you can watch the show for free. It’s a great way to watch Spongebob without worrying about additional costs.

CBS All-Access is an excellent way to enjoy your favorite show. With a wide range of content, accessibility, and subscription fees, you can have the perfect Spongebob streaming experience.

YouTube TV:

Another option for streaming Spongebob is YouTube TV, which offers an easy way to watch the show on your favorite device. It has various streaming packages, with discounts for longer subscriptions.

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Plus, you can access the service on all kinds of devices, including smart TVs, gaming consoles, and mobile phones. The table below shows the different packages, prices, and features YouTube TV offers.

Basic$50/mo+70 channels
Plus$55/mo+100 channels
Premium$65/mo+130 channels
Ultra$85/mo+180 channels

It’s easy to find something to suit your budget, and you can stream Spongebob as much as you want. So, if you want to get your fill of Spongebob, YouTube TV has you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Spongebob Available in 4k?

No, Spongebob is not available in 4K. However, you can stream Spongebob through various subscription services and streaming providers. Check out the best options to find your favorite episodes!

Is Spongebob Available in Multiple Languages?

Yes, Spongebob is available in multiple languages! While you may expect limited language options, some international dubs are available. So, no need to worry; you can still enjoy Spongebob in your native language!

Are There Any Restrictions on Streaming Spongebob?

Streaming Spongebob comes with some restrictions. Video quality may be lower than expected, and parental controls are in place to keep kids safe. Make sure to check the streaming service for any additional restrictions.

Are There Any Additional Fees for Streaming Spongebob?

No extra fees are required to watch Spongebob online, but you can also watch offline with parental controls. Enjoy streaming your favorite episodes without worrying about any extra costs.


Watching SpongeBob is easier than ever! With streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, CBS All-Access, and YouTube TV, you can access hundreds of episodes of this beloved cartoon.

Plus, did you know that SpongeBob has been running for almost 20 years? That’s a lot of fun memories and laughs to enjoy.

So what’re you waiting for? Stream SpongeBob today!

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