Where to Watch Angry Birds Movie- Streaming Guide

Are you ready to ruffle some feathers? The Angry Birds Movie is available to watch in a variety of ways.

Whether you want to rent, stream, or host a watch party, you can join Red, Chuck, and Bomb on their outrageous adventure.

Take a look at the theaters, on-demand services, streaming services, DVD/Blu-ray options, and watch party ideas to find the best way for you to get in on the action.

Theaters: Catching Angry Birds Movie on the Big Screen

Catching Angry Birds Movie online

Your best bet for watching the Angry Birds Movie is at your local theater. Going to the theater allows you to experience the full impact of the Angry Birds on the big screen. You also get to see the movie at its original release date.

When deciding whether to buy a ticket or rent a movie, consider its rating and how you want to watch it. Some theaters offer 3D and IMAX options that give you an enhanced experience. Renting a movie is a more affordable option, but you don’t get the same thrill as seeing it in a theater.

It’s also a great way to watch the movie with friends and family in the comfort of your home. Weigh the pros and cons of buying a ticket or renting the movie before you decide.

On-Demand: Convenient Access via On-Demand Services

Another great option for watching the Angry Birds Movie is on demand. There are plenty of rental options available for online viewing. Whether you want to watch it on a streaming service like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, or Google Play or rent it from iTunes, you will find a way to get your Angry Birds fix. The table below compares the rental prices and platforms for the movie.

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Amazon Prime Video$3.99US, UK
Google Play$3.99Worldwide

On-demand viewing is a great way to watch Angry Birds Movie without leaving your house. It’s also a great option for those who don’t want to spend money but still want to watch the movie. With so many options available, there’s sure to be a way to watch the movie no matter where you are.

Streaming Services: Finding the Movie on Digital Platforms

With over seven streaming services offering the Angry Birds Movie, you can easily find a way to watch it. Options include renting a digital version or buying the movie in various digital formats.

With rentals, you can access the movie for up to 48 hours after purchase. Prices vary depending on the service but range from $2.99 to $5.99. Popular rental services include iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Prime Video.

Buying digital formats is a great option if you want to watch a movie anytime. You can purchase the movie starting at $7.99 for SD and up to $14.99 for HD. iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Prime Video also offer purchase options.

With all these options, you can choose how you want to watch the Angry Birds Movie.

DVD/Blu-ray: Physical Copies for Home Entertainment

If you’re looking for a physical copy of the Angry Birds Movie, you can purchase a DVD or Blu-ray disc. Both options feature the same content, but with the Blu-ray, you get higher resolution and richer colors. Plus, the disc includes bonus features such as music videos, making-of documentaries, and more.

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When you shop for either the DVD or Blu-ray, you’ll be presented with a variety of buying options. You can buy a single disc or purchase a combo pack with both the DVD and Blu-ray. Some packs also have a digital copy to watch the movie online.

The movie has a PG rating, so you can confidently purchase it. If you’re shopping for a gift, be sure to check the rating system to make sure the movie is appropriate. With so many buying options and a rating system in place, you’re sure to find the perfect copy of the Angry Birds Movie.

Watch Parties: Group Viewing and Social Experience Options

You can also host a watch party with friends and family to enjoy the Angry Birds Movie together. Throwing parties is a great way to turn a simple movie night into a fun, interactive event.

If you plan on hosting a watch party for the Angry Birds Movie, many online forums offer great ideas and tips for planning a successful event. From creative decorations to fun activities and food ideas, online resources can help you make your watch party truly memorable.

Please invite your friends and family, and have everyone come dressed as their favorite Angry Bird character for added entertainment. With the right preparation, you can create an enjoyable experience everyone will enjoy and remember.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Long Is the Movie?

Gently put, the Angry Birds Movie is a charming delight that runs for a delightful 96 minutes. It’s the perfect length of time to be entertained and captivated by the story. So go ahead and enjoy it!

Are There Different Versions of the Movie Available?

Yes, there are different versions of the movie available. You can watch it through digital streaming services or at movie theaters. Enjoy the adventure of the Angry Birds!

Are There Any Special Features Included With the DVD/Blu-Ray?

Yes, the DVD and Blu-ray of the Angry Birds movie include special features. For example, the Blu-ray contains a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the movie. Digital versions provide the advantage of streaming and downloading, while physical copies benefit from owning a tangible copy.

Is There a Soundtrack Available for the Movie?

Yes, there is a soundtrack available for the Angry Birds Movie! It features exciting themes and musical scores that bring the movie to life. So, if you want to add energy to your day, get your hands on the soundtrack today!


You don’t have to worry if you’ve missed the Angry Birds movie; there are plenty of ways to watch it! Whether you catch it in theaters, rent it On demand, stream it on services like Netflix, or pick up a DVD or Blu-ray, you’ve got plenty of options.

You can even throw a watch party with your friends and family!

Fun fact: the Angry Birds movie was the most profitable video game adaptation ever, grossing over $350 million at the box office.

So don’t miss out on the fun – find a way to watch the Angry Birds movie today!

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